DW Promotion SMS for Magento 2

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Compatible with version 2.4.x
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DW Promotion SMS extension will enable the web store owner to integrate AWS SNS service directly with their web store to send customized promotional SMS with various configuration options.

The SMS is sent via the third-party integration of the AWS SNS paid service.

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The zip file contains the extension compatible with version 2.4.x


There are various configurations in the admin section:

Enable Promotions: If set to 'Yes', the button 'Send Promotions' will be enable. The default value is set to 'No' when installed.

Promotions SMS Template: Specify the template of the SMS that will be sent to the customer. The address fields like 'prefix', 'firstname', 'middlename', 'lastname', 'suffix' and 'postcode' can be used in the template, this placeholder will be replaced with the dynamic values found in shipping/billing address.

Customer Groups: Select the customer groups to be considered for fetching the customer’s, for sending the promotional SMS.

Customer Email(s): Specify the customer’s email id, to be considered for sending the promotional SMS.

Mobile Number: Specify the address type billing or shipping to be considered for fetching the telephone field value for sending the SMS. The default value is set to 'Defaut Shipping Address Telephone' when installed.

Check Duplications: If set to 'Yes', the same customer won’t receive an SMS in the same day. The default value is set to 'No' when installed.

Send Promotions: If this button is clicked, the extension will send the SMS to all the customers belonging to the customer group selected and/or customer email specified.

Kindly note the configuration needs to be saved first before clicking on this button to consider the changes made.

Please note this extension requires AWS SDK for PHP version 3 and it will be installed along with the extension.


The Promotion SMS is carried out using the third-party integration of the AWS SNS service.

An AWS account with SNS service would be needed to enable you to send an SMS from your Magento store

This account needs to created separately and security keys needs to be generated in AWS SNS account

Registration/Login link AWS SNS

SMS prices depends on your region, details can be checked on AWS SMS Pricing, it also has a SMS sandbox for testing before sending the SMS to end customer

Getting Started up AWS SNS is easy and takes only few minutes

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